Using the myGYB Online Design Tool to Finalize & Monitor Your Composite


Last Update 8 个月前

myGYB is GreekYearbook’s online design tool for your composite. This unique online account management tool will allow you to monitor all progress of your composite from scheduling to shipment of the final product. In this account, you will be able to see all details about your composite shoot, talk directly to your designer, and get answers to all of your questions regarding your composite design.

Completing Steps 1-3 in myGYB are super important for a successful composite experience. Here's why:

Step 1 – Account Information: This will ensure you receive all important notifications about your composite’s status, as well as make sure we are contacting the correct person at all times.

Step 2 – Ordered List: This tells us everyone who will appear on your composite, the order they will appear in, any officer title they may have AND the correct spelling of their name. You can ALWAYS make changes to this list, so if you fill it out prior to your shoot – no worries! Read more about the Ordered List here.

Step 3 – Composite Options: This tells us your design options including background color, borders, fonts, frame, etc., which lets us know how you want the composite to look. Don’t worry – your composite options are not set in stone. You can make any changes you need to later on! Have you worked with us in the past and want your composite to look the same? Just click the “reuse composite options” button.

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