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We understand that not everyone can make the photo shoot. While it is prohibited for your members to attend another chapter's photo shoot, you have several options in this scenario:

- They could be listed as Not Pictured on the composite at no additional charge (only the per-member cost applies).

- If you had a photo shoot with us last year, we could reuse photos from last year's composite. There is an additional $20 fee per reused photo. Please notify your Composite Designer on your myGYB message board which members will be reusing a previous photo.

- You can submit a digital photo and the design team will correct the photo to make it match the other photos. Guidelines are available in your myGYB account in the "Documents & Tutorials" folder under "Pay Your Invoice/File Uploads." There is an additional $25 fee per submitted photo.

- If more than 15 members missed your photo shoot, we recommend scheduling a Make Up Shoot. Make Up Shoots begin at $350 for the first hour, and $50 for each additional hour. The time scheduled will depend on how many people need to be photographed.

*Please note that it takes about 30 days to create your first composite proof once you have everything submitted and we have all of the photos. We recommend giving your members who are submitting photos a one or two week deadline from your photoshoot date so as to not hold up the production process.

Again, it is prohibited for your members to attend another chapter's photo shoot. Please contact us if you have any questions about these options. 

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