More About the Ordered List Needed for Your Composite


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The Ordered List is Step 2 in the myGYB process. It tells us everyone who will appear on your composite, the order they will appear in, any officer title they may have AND the correct spelling of their name. You can ALWAYS make changes to this list, so if you fill it out prior to your shoot – no worries!

Once we have compiled a list of your photographed members using the forms submitted at the shoot, we will post the list to your myGYB account. You can go ahead and submit your list prior to knowing if someone was photographed. When your designer is creating the first proof of your composite, they will note any discrepancies between your ordered list and the photographed members list. They will then ask you how you wish to proceed! That way if any of the members would like to submit or reuse a photo you can let us know.

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