Understanding the Estimated Total v. the Final Total for Your Composite


Last Update 8 maanden geleden

At the beginning of the Composite process, GreekYearbook provides you with an Estimated Total for your Composite. This is an estimated amount because we will not truly know the final cost of your composite until you approve your final proof and finalize any add-ons. The Final Total price for your composite will reflect the total amount of members you have listed on the composite (including the Not Pictured list). So if you have more or less members than you originally thought, your Final Total will be adjusted to reflect the final number. Plus, if you select any add-ons during the design process, those will also be included in your final invoice.

NOTE: At least 50% of the estimated total needs to be submitted by the photo shoot date to serve as your deposit. Once your chapter has approved a proof, the final invoice will be posted to your MyGYB account.

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